Swine Paranoia

I just saw on Yahoo! that the WHO (World Health Organization) has just announced that the A(H1N1) Virus Outbreak is now on Alert Level 6. This means that the world is experiencing a pandemic.. the first in 41 years.

This is big. This is scary.

Although experts say that there is a cure, and that the virus is not deadly (as long as you're treated early), I can't help but imagine things that could happen with such kinds of incidents plaguing the world that I am living in. And I can't imagine myself being caught in this kind of events wherein I, together with those people I care for, are vulnerable in getting this virus.

I had my doctor friends on speed dial already so I could easily call them when the need arises. And on Sunday, I went to the nearest drug store to by myself and my family, vitamins and surgical masks to protect ourselves from what's happening.

Shit! I don't want to be infected.. nor be quarantined. Arrrggg!!!
This is shit!

I think, Mother Nature is really fighting back now.

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The Rain

When I was younger, I loved the rain. It was like I was drawing strength from it. Like every drop of rain was a drop of energy filling me inside. I loved it so much that I enjoyed walking in the rain, not even minding if my clothes and shoes and even my bag gets wet.

Rain was like my element when I was younger.. when I was way way younger. But as I grew older, I started to develop a sense of hate for it.

If before, rain was equaled to joy, laughter and strength now, rain to me means gloom, sadness, cold, and loneliness.

I can't really explain why it changed. But I guess, it comes with age. I guess, as one grows older, most things change in perspective and what was once something nice would turn out to be something you'd end up not liking anymore.

Rain. Makes you feel cold. Makes you stop for a while. Makes you want to sit in one corner and think. Rain. It is one thing that makes you stop doing what you normally do and give you so much idle time to feel that no one is there with you.

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Attempts on Photography in Laiya, Batangas

Location: Batangas
Picture Taken on: May 17, 2009
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